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Frederick Patterson

Learn How To Quickly Publish Your Own Content Online!

I Love Making Websites with WordPress and done quite a few, so if you need help and/or advice on using WordPress. Let’s connect! I also teach non-technical people how to create attractive and effective websites using the WordPress platform.

“Discover Exactly What WordPress Is, How It Works & And
I’ll Show You How To Quickly Publish Your Own Content Online”

Hello and welcome, my name is Frederick Patterson. I’m a WordPress Professional Consultant, dedicated to help you discover exactly what WordPress Is, and how you can use it to quickly publish your own content online. I specialize in WordPress for creative writers, copywriters, small businesses, independent professionals, non-technical people & Senior Citizens!

In short: you should have a website. Period. But creating a website, even though it’s a lot easier now, is still hard and confusing for many.

WordPress has made it possible to create good-looking websites easily and inexpensive. But there are many people who are confused with the WordPress’ capabilities.

So that’s what I’m here for. I create affordable WordPress websites with optional blogs. Having a blog is not necessary, even though it’s highly recommended. But if you want just a static web page, that can be done easily.

WordPress is currently the fastest growing CMS software. Initially, WordPress was largely associated with blogs as its main functionality was to allow easy blog experience. Yet, over time, its developers expanded its functionality to allow the creation of more complicated websites and grew it into a content management system rather than a blogging tool.

WordPress is considered the easiest to use CMS thanks to a very friendly interface. It also has an amazing number of plugins which allow extension of its functionality in various possible ways

For businesses, WordPress is an extremely versatile technology that helps achieve goals, engage in social media, perform well in search engines, and manage content, minimizing out-of-house costs.

WordPress stands out as a teaching tool, because it supports knowledge sharing, encourages creativity and helps prepare our children for the realities of today’s world. The increase of the use of technologies in schools has been a much talked about topic in the recent years. Some believe it to be a distraction, encouraging children to become addicted to gadgets and technology, others praise it and consider it an essential part of 21st century literacy.

We make easy to navigate WordPress sites delivering your message, products, and services quickly, with responsive web design is an approach to web design that provides an optimal viewing experience.

We also make ecommerce sites with WooCommerce, that is now the most popular ecommerce platform on the web, so you can know you’re in good company.

I’m a proud member of American Writer’s & Artists, Inc., since 2003!

How can I help You Today? Let’s Chat on Skype: adgrafixnet! Or, continue to: What We Do!